First, you need to fill in an online application form on this website and make sure you add all the necessary data and YES you can still join UECOB even though you are already above the age of 16 as long as you have not celebrated your 19th birthday yet. We expect our academy players to graduate at the age of 18 but we also believe there are some late bloomers who didn’t start early but willing to work hard to make their dream a reality.
The academy is located at Ibeku high school Field Umuahia Abia State. This is where we train and operate at the moment as we work on our own permanent facility which will be ready soon.
Yes. We assist players outside of Abia in need of a place to stay at their own expenses. Kindly reach out to our head Coach Eke on 08038539597 regarding accommodation. This is because we are working on the academy permanent home.
Our team train on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7am. We participate in Youth International Tournaments every year as well as the Ikeja Developmental League along with other tournaments.
To be a part of the team, you can download and fill the application form on this website and pay all the necessary fees. You will then come with your payment teller before resuming training with the academy. You can also contact UECOB Sports Academy on any of the contact lines provided on the website.
Our fee at the moment is NGN77,000 for a full season (12 months) it covers training, medicals, 1 training jersey and 1 ceremonial jersey. The fee is the most affordable you can find anywhere in Nigeria compare to the amount of value we provide.
For any football player to be successful in the game, you do not have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest to be successful. At youth level many players have not fully developed and still have time to grow in height. On the other hand, mentally, a positive attitude goes a long way in helping not only your game, but your teammates as well. For any young footballers there are other aspects which have to be monitored in order to succeed so size does not really matter.
Playing football at any professional level requires hard work, if signing a professional contract is the young players aim, then the hard work will be worthwhile. Hard work includes working on different parts of your game, such as fitness, technique, tactical awareness and other aspects of the game which aren’t your strongest in order to become a better player and stand out.
As professional football can be a relatively short career players need to be at their best abilities at all times in order for them to be recognized and not replaced by other players at youth level. This requires focus and not being distracted by the surrounding environment. To stay at the top of your game you need to work hard on a daily basis and improve on all aspects of your game. This requires learning new things and new ways of training in order to improve yourself physically and mentally.